3-day retreat in the heart of a scenic destination-Jaipur!
Featuring India’s top Digital Marketing Heads.
Witness learning, bonding, networking, and fun activities all together!
Premium and Diverse school of thought to learn from!
About Bust Digital Myths

#BustDigitalMyths 2021 is the edition where senior-most digital industry experts from across business sectors will each bring in their own experiences and valuable insiders perspectives on what’s currently trending while they unwind in the beautiful pink city, Jaipur. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the digital landscape with more and more people (earlier hesitant) now looking towards digital marketing to continue to engage with their customers and scale their business.

When digital marketing heads participate in the #BustDigitalMyths, they can engage with each other and explore the current marketing trends and ponder about the future possibilities (especially in a post-pandemic world). This learning trip is carefully planned to pique their quest for knowledge while at the same time providing a platform to meet new industry experts and expand their network. The closed-door nature of the event lets the marketing heads engage freely on a deeper level.

So, if you want to engage in a memorable cross-learning trip and build lasting corporate ties, then #BustDigitalMyths is the place for you to broaden your horizons while you relax and have a great time!